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R3DSTUDIO is a company of Interior Design, Execution of Projects and 3D Views based on coworking. We offer creative proposals that adapt to the needs and requirements of each client, taking into account the new design trends.

Interior Design

R3Dstudio develops projects of residential and commercial spaces from its approach to its execution, be it the case of a new work, expansion or remodeling, taking into account not only the ideal distribution of the space but also the materials and the necessary equipment, achieving the perfect harmony between the client and the spaces created.

That is why we do an analysis of the project to know the needs and / or preferences of the client, budget and terms with which it has. Then a proposal is made with basic 3D views, taking into account the materials, colors, lighting and textures chosen together with the budget. Once the budget has been approved, CAD drawings and final 3D views will be prepared and then proceed with the execution of the same.

3D Views

R3Dstudio provides services for the elaboration of 3D views or renderings through specialized software for construction companies, engineering firms, architects and interior designers, allowing the virtual visualization of projects not yet executed.

The realism of the 3D views facilitates the comprehension of the project as well as allows checking the volumetry of the construction, the chosen materials, setting the spaces with the simulation of light, textures, as well as highlighting important details of the design, managing to identify the global concept of each design.

We offer virtual tours of the works in operation and with the public going through it and delivered in various supports.

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