Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants

In today’s article, we will talk about a topic that lately is a trend in the world of design: hanging plants or suspended plants. R3Dstudio will show you several ideas for decorating your interiors with hanging plants and you will see different types of original pots and hanging shapes to get a modern and attractive decoration.

The plants you can use to decorate your home can be both natural and artificial. Among the hanging artificial plants, you can also find very interesting ideas such as the type of pot: they can be curved for example. You can use this idea to decorate the walls of your house, especially the walls of the corridors that many times we have no idea what to put in addition to pictures.

Another very original idea for hanging plants is those that are placed on dishes that have lights on the bottom. This idea is also perfect for the living room or for the balconies. You can place several pots of this kind in a staggered way. The plants that you have to place on top of them have to be artificial, but they still introduce a lot of colors and give a lot of life to the white interiors.

In addition, there is something very simple that you can do yourself (DIY); You only have to buy some nets to hang them and you have to nail on the wall some hooks where you can place the pots. In these hooks, you can place several pots if you wish.

A very modern and original idea of hanging plants cultivated upside down designed by Patrick Morris. They are special pots that allow us to grow the seeds upside down with the idea of conserving more water. In the bottom of these pots that are inverted and stays up, there is a kind of grid where the plants are watered. While in the part that remains down there is a kind of cover that does not allow the earth and the plant to fall.

The pots are hanging suspended in the air and can be placed, literally, anywhere in the house; You can place them in the bathroom as a piece of decoration, hanging on the dining table and even in the kitchen to have at hand the herbs you use to prepare the food. Wherever you put them, the plants will not be a boring accessory that goes unnoticed, but will be attractive and will steal all the comments when people come to visit.

However, for those who like traditional ideas there is a new and revolutionary way of planting that is great because it allows you to remove the boring pots from the corners of your house that were just there on the ground like anybody’s plants and place A new modern and sophisticated form of decoration with plants without much effort.

As you will know the use of plants in home decoration is not new, but interior designers are beginning to create new techniques to incorporate even more plants to decorating, both inside and outside the house.

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