Construction Trend

Construction Trend

The construction trend invites us to use construction materials as they bring a lot of personality and authenticity to the interiors.  Ropes, concrete blocks, metal sheets …. in short, multiple options. In this new post by R3dstudio by Natalie Amorós, we will show you some examples of how these materials are used to reinvent the interior design of our homes.

Usually considered as simple raw materials hidden behind a layer of plaster or paint, building materials in many cases fulfill a structural function, however, its pure appearance can give a timeless style to our interiors; The great advantage of using them is their low cost.

  • A rope plays bedside tables

Super easy to make, you can use a piece of wood or several tables and depend on the way you put the ropes you can make your night table look even more original.

The concrete block that overflows from the work

For example, we can choose blocks with small openings for a graphic and elegant representation.


  • The agglomerate turns into a bench

To give a better finish you can apply varnish for wood on the entire surface and for more comfort you can place nice cushions.


  • Plywood is inviting on volumes

Plywood, also known as multilaminate, plywood, plywood or plywood, is a very versatile material. We can create geometric shapes to offer an artistic aspect.

  • The hardboard (HDF) becomes kitchen storage

The hardboard is a type of highly compressed wood fiberboard, used for insulation, installation of panels, doors or partitions. A good idea is, for example, to get the perforated masonite, paint it and place it in the kitchen as an organizer.

  • Corrugated steel

This material presents a very industrial aspect, however; depending on how you use it you can give it a very elegant look.

TV furniture made of concrete blocks, corrugated sheet metal mats, custom kitchen organizers, etc. Far from going out of fashion, the trend continues to inspire architects and decorators, who place it at the center of their projects and it’s no wonder.

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