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Plant tendency

0.0 00 To bring nature to the house you need to gently erase the border between the outside and the inside. R3Dstudio recommends you adopt the vegetable trend with style. It is currently the preferred trend for architects and designers since they include it at the heart of their projects. Plants along the staircase, on […]

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Shared spaces

0.0 00 Living with many under the same roof, an almost compulsory world for students and young workers, but also for the elderly. The more tenants are under the same roof, the more difficult it will be to not generate misunderstandings. Avoid the problem by multiplying the communication channels through the decoration. In this super […]

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5 decorating tips for kitchens

0.0 00 Currently, the kitchen has become the part with more life inside the home. No matter how many square meters it is, in this new blog post from R3Dstudio we will give you 5 deco tips that will help you so you can make the most of each corner and highlight your kitchen even […]

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7 coworking spaces ideas

0.0 00 Independent workers, self-employed workers, entrepreneurs, teleworkers, etc., more and more people decide to work in a shared space. It is not surprising then, that many of these coworking spaces try to be original, different and want to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A creative way besides the services they offer is through the […]

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Construction Trend

0.0 00 The construction trend invites us to use construction materials as they bring a lot of personality and authenticity to the interiors.  Ropes, concrete blocks, metal sheets …. in short, multiple options. In this new post by R3dstudio by Natalie Amorós, we will show you some examples of how these materials are used to […]

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Hanging Plants

0.0 00 In today’s article, we will talk about a topic that lately is a trend in the world of design: hanging plants or suspended plants. R3Dstudio will show you several ideas for decorating your interiors with hanging plants and you will see different types of original pots and hanging shapes to get a modern […]

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