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How to project in a new interior space? How to imagine or transform volumes? How to integrate the furniture? The style? The state of mind? The colors? My experience allows me to answer all of your questions. With enthusiasm and passion, I will put my creativity at the service of your desires to design a project where you feel reflected.

I’m Natalie Amorós, Interior Designer and Decorator. My professional experience has allowed me to work from the design of furniture to the development of projects, I also have a mastery of 2D and 3D software, which helps designers/clients to have a more accurate vision of the final representation of the project. draft. At the same time, my Latin American origins contribute to linking the functional with the aesthetic, without losing sight of the domain of the client’s budget.

In 2014, I created R3Dstudio in Lima, Peru, a creative space among experts from the world of architecture, design, and construction. Since my arrival in France, I participated in the renovation of several apartments (see portfolio)

Interior Design and Personalized Decoration

In order to accompany you in your renovation projects, I propose tailored and personalized services. From the conception to the delivery of the project, I will put at your service my experience and my knowledge.

My mission is to create and style your interior through:

  • A detailed study according to your needs and your budget
  • Monitoring of the site to ensure the quality and completion of the works
  • The purchase and placement of furniture and decorative elements

Do you need an interior designer or a decorator?

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